ARK - Noah is tearing his beard out , and the time-pressure is difficult. Clouds are gathering and the rain could come at any time. The weather forecast is NOT good. Meanwhile animals are gathering before the ark. The animals slowly drag along as they head for the unfurnished ark, each animal has his own needs, and challenges.
Fortunately, you are there to help manage the animals. Now if the ark can be launched before it capsizes.
Takes about 45 minutes to
complete with 3-4 players.
Game includes 1 set of cards rain, provisions, animals, scoring cards,
and 1 bow of the ark. 85 mini animals,
1 yellow disc, and 22 orange discs, and half points.
The object of the game is to set up Noah's Ark without capsizing it, and placing the animals in the sections
CLIMATE                       NOURISHMENT                                         TYPE
Hot                                 Herbivore(eats plants)                                Heavy      Provision
Cold                               Carnivore (eats meat)                                 Useful      Shy
Doesn't matter               Omnivore (eats plants/meat)                       Slow

The player scores points for loading the most animals of each kind, but they may loose points if their loading causes a lot of reconstruction.
Produced by RioGrande Games
Distributed by Christian Choice online - and sold through CATHOLIC design...