Bible Champions I & II
A 3D Action adventure PC video game with 14 different Bible story Levels. In each Bible story level children and adults play game in the setting of the Bible adventure by solving puzzles, avoiding adversaries, finding Bible characters, seeing the Bible stories animated and then performing tasks related to the Bible story.
Each game has 3 different skill levels for early elementary, older elementary and middle schools kids.

There are 14 Bible story levels         and 10 Bible Stories
Joshua- the new leader                     Mary of Bethany anoints Jesus
The Walls of Jericho                         Jesus Enters Jerusalem
An Angry King Saul & David            Jesus washes the disciples feet
Jesus and the rich young ruler          The Lord's Supper
The Samaritan Cared                       Jesus prays in the Garden
Daniel the writing on the wall           Peter denies Jesus
Abraham offers Issac                       Jesus before Pilot , The Resurrection
                                                        and the Ascension
These games have been published by Third Day Games and more adventures are soon to be available
Distributed by Christian Choice Online sold through Catholic Design