The Rite (Ritual) for expelling demons (devils) from people
certified as being possessed by authorized Catholic priests.

WARNING:  Only Catholic priests who are both legally and morally ordained and are faithful to the teachings of Sacred Scripture, as validly understood through the legitimate moral authority of the Church, and who remain spiritually sound should attempt an exorcism.   Devils are powerful beings and can be extremely harmful to the unqualified.        Instead;  Praying the Exorcism Prayer is encouraged.
Preliminary actions for those recognizing satanic activity in relation to themselves:
Immediately reject any and all types of unnatural insights whether they occur in a dream or while in a waking state.  Such insights commonly originate in the occult and are of satanic origin.  Such insights may refer to a past, present of future event.  They are intended to seem worthy with resultant enhancement of self-esteem.  Eventually the evil spirits giving these insights, feelings, or seeing of auroras will seek full control over a captivated persons being.  Such possessions or manifestations frequently occur to those who have used or participated in the following:
Ouija boards, Seances, Magic 8 balls, Palm reading (even as a game), Tea leaf reading, Fortune telling, Potions, Incantations, Yoga (even as exercise), Martial Arts (in most cases), Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter Books, Eastern Mysticism, Tarrot Cards, etc.
     When one begins honestly trying to live the Christian life, one MUST break with all Satanic influences that one has accepted in one's life.  This would include all organized occultic behavior.  Many of these things are presented as games or midway attractions at a county fair, but they're actually portals of access for the attack of one or devils.  It may have been years since one was involved but until it is recognized as sin, confessed, and absolved with proper penance, the doors remain open for Satan's entry.
     Many people never know that the games they were involved with as children are mortal sins that will send them to hell without proper repentance.
     It is not enough to say that you never did it yourself.  To be aware that any of these things are being done and not to say something against it is to give tacit approval by your presence.  Such failure jeopardizes your own soul.
Avoid other conditions and associations that breed satanic influence concerning one's spiritual life:
Disassociate from drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Illicit Sex, Pornography.
Terminate association with any of the following and similar organizations:
Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Illuminati, B'ani B'rith, Cecil Rhodes Scholars, Satanism, Wicca, Eastern Star, Shriners, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Amaranth, DeMolay, Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Job's Daughters and ALL other Secret Societies.
Eastern Religions, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Lions Club, and similar organizations most of which are at least indirectly associated with Freemasonry.
Build the foundation of your faith by:
Carefully studying and reflecting upon the Qualities and Attributes of God.     Understanding Faith through Learning About God
Reflecting on what makes for a serious offense against God by doing a thorough examination of conscience.     Make All Things Right with God
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From "The Roman Ritual"    1952 A.D.