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My Son, I can hear Our Lady plead
On behalf of Earth’s children, let me intercede
Let me find a special place
Where people may meet and their faith embrace
My daily visits there will gain souls galore
Unlikely people will be knocking on Heaven’s door

Where on Earth will you find such a place?
Your Son asks you face to face
He can scarcely believe such a place exists
From His experience lukewarm faith persists
Everywhere He looks people do not believe
As regards the hereafter they cannot perceive

Our Lady insists that there is a place
Where people can escape from the daily ‘rat race’
Medjugorje, she says, is especially blessed
My children there I have personally assessed
I can vouch for their faith and their effect on others
I can assure You of their love and affection for their brothers

So, grant me my wish, my beloved Son
Do this for me and the battle is won
I guarantee success in that Medjugorje place
My children there will gain Your everlasting grace
Millions I will bring to Heaven’s door
Satan will be enraged, I can assure

Just give me some time to complete my task
I need a few years, this is all I ask
Like You, I love the children on Earth
Let me show You what they are really worth
The Evil One I will crush along the way
Using the faith of Your people and the prayers they pray

Medjugorje, I say, will accomplish Your need
Please help me my Son and intercede
The souls on Earth through my life I will assist
But I rely on Your help – do not desist
May my love for You, my eternal saviour
Bring forth Your generous and ongoing favour

My Mother, is your Son’s loving reply
Your ongoing pleas – how can I deny?
For 2000 years you’ve helped all in need
With Rosaries and prayers – millions indeed
Medjugorje, then, will be part of My plan
To save mankind you’ve assured Me it can

Together, then, let us create Heaven on Earth
We’ll show unbelievers what faith is worth
Through you, My mother and your motherly love
Medjugorje will continue to be blessed from above
Draw men to Me – let them mend their ways
Thank you, My mother, your compassion pays