Making a Jesse Tree  for your home, or
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Symbols you can print - for your tree
If a tree (real or artificial, as long as it’s green) is used, it should be a relatively small one if only one ornament a day is to be added. A large tree can be used if all of the children make ornaments each Sunday, or if the ornaments are a communal project. The ornaments can be widely varied, from simple hand colored paper from the children, to more elaborate craft items. Different styles can be used each year. If Chrismons™ are used for the Jesse Tree, the primary colors of the ornaments should be the liturgical colors of Christmas, white and gold.

While it is sometimes tempting to apply "quality control" and exclude some ornaments on a sanctuary tree, especially those done by children, it is probably better to allow them for the sake of community and celebrate the unity of the tree itself, and what it represents in providing a place for such diversity.
A Jesse tree, either at home or in the sanctuary, can be either a banner or a poster on a wall, with the symbols fastened to it; or a tree, with the symbols hung from the branches.

A banner can be as plain or as elaborate as one’s imagination. Usually, a banner and symbols for a sanctuary are made of heavy felt or cotton, or other appropriate fabric, the design is embroidered or appliquéd, and the symbols attached with pins or Velcro. One for the home or a Sunday School Class can be made from poster board, the design done with markers, and the symbols colored, made from construction paper, or cut from old Christmas cards or magazines.

The background is usually Purple or Blue (the colors of Advent), with a large cut stump and a single green branch growing from one side. The symbols are attached around the branch, usually with a star as the last symbol at the top.