LET'S BEGIN AGAIN............
“Let us begin again, for as yet we have done nothing”
This line is possibly the last line spoken by St Francis of Assisi, even after all he accomplished in his life.
Maybe it is the meaning of Lent we should hold in our hearts as well.
Have you become like a clock running down, or feel as if your running up the against the limits of your own soul?
Do you feel like you would like a different future if you had a way to change it? Or do you feel like one minute you’re on cloud nine, and the next minute you have nothing left to give?
Lent is a time for renewal especially within your soul. A time to spend with Jesus and understand why as God and man He allowed others to arrest, scourge, and nail Him to a cross.
Do you think that maybe even His words in the Garden of Gethsemane “Father, let this cup pass from me….” Isn’t an escape of His own reality, but  instead of escaping reality,  He walks forward, embraces the cross, and in turn this becomes a place where hope is born, and the truest form of love is shown.
Maybe it’s our time to stop running, or riding on a merry-go-round and stop and “Let’s begin again, with Jesus.”
Now, O GOD, with all my heart, I say
the sorrowful words; I am thirsty.
I am thristy for the peace you alone can give, which transforms us; for the stability and living refreshment that only exists in you.
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