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1.     Through this sacrament you become a full              member of the church
8.     Promises we make to God
10.   Heart of all Sacrament
11.   Sacrament of joining 2 people
14.   God's gift to us which enables us to share
        in His loving relationship
15.   this means "God Saves"
16.   Mother of Jesus
18.   How many sacraments are there?
20.   the time prior to Easter, in which we fast
22.   sacrament which heals is called the _____
       of the sick.
24.  Jesus rose from the dead on this day
26.  sacrament in which a man becomes a priest
28.  Jesus is the _____ of God
30.  another name for the rite of Holy Orders
32.  Through which sacrament are we restored
       to holiness lost by original sin
33.  This represents the community's loving
      welcome to full membership
36.  latin word meaning rank or degree
38. the offical structure for each sacrament are
      the ________S
40. a staff a bishop receives is called a
41. The ___ supper is celebrated on Good Friday
42. meaning of Tabernacle
1.   oil used in baptism
2.   false GOD
3.   the eucharist is celebrated during this
4.   in marriage we promise to love, honor and ___
5.   Sacrament of Penance
6.   Rite of Initiation of Catholic Adults
7.   a sacramental like a crucifix, holy water, blessed candles
9.   in Baptism the main ritual involves________
12. Christ in greek - which also means anointed
13. Jesus' body is represented in this
14  Father Son and Holy Spirit are 3 persons in ONE ___
17. we celebrate the ______ of Jesus at Easter
19. Two types of sin are mortal and ____
21. an injustice to Jesus, and God (a wrong doing)
23. Reconciliation other name is
25. Jesus was baptised in the river ___
27  The Blood of Christ is represented by ___
29  Head of the Church
31. Anointing the sick used to be done to people who were
     going to ___
34  Comes from the latin word meaning elder
35  greek meaning for one who is sent
37  the first step in becoming a priest is to be a _____
Answers to Crossword Puzzle