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Jesus is Condemned to Die
It was early Friday morning
when I saw my son
That was the first glimpse I had of him
since they took him away.
His bruised and bleeding skin
sent a sword of pain deep into my heart
and tears down my cheeks.
Then Pilate, from his chair of judgement,
asked the crowd why they wanted my son
All around me they shouted,
"Crucify Him!"
I wanted to plead with them to stop,
but I knew this had to be.
So I stood by and cried silently.
Lord Jesus,
it is hard for me to imagine
the anguish your mother felt
at your condemnation.
But what about today, when I hold
a grudge.......?
"Crucify Him!"
"When I judge others.....?"
"Crucify Him!"
Doesn't this bring tears of anguish
to both you and your mother?
Forgive me, Jesus