Remember the Angel….

By Diane
I know we’ve all seen this picture and the article here. But here is what I believe we’ve forgotten.
We spend 9 months growing and being born.

In a warm, comfortable enclosure of love. Only to be pushed out into a world where we know nothing around us and have to be shown everything.
Ever wonder why a child being born, cries. They use to say: The doctor taps them to wake them up. I don’t think so.
What if our connection with the “dIvine” starts at the time of                      conception. One single cell that spends time splitting and resplitting, duplicating and forming into the person we become.
A conversation with God as we about to be born.
A child leaving the womb, cries out  “what’s happening?” And the Lord answers. “It’s OK my child, I’ll always be with you.”
“But why? I’m scared where am I going?” cries the child. The Lord answers: “Into the world I’ve created which others like you will be.”
“I like where I am will you stay                with me?” The Lord answers “I’ll always be with you, and I’m sending with you an angel your guardian to be with you…don’t forget”
“I’ll remember” and the child enters the world. But the world is not warm and comfortable. It’s cold and loud noises are all around. Instead of floating in a light fluid, we are dependent on others for everything we need.
And the child cries and screams: “Angel where are you? I am scared..” The angel replies: “I’m here with you.”
“But where am I, why is everything so bright.” As the little child cries and is born.
Do we retain the knowledge inbedded in us at birth. Is that why as a child grows the little things we see them do, a look into the unknown that appears so cute. Or as the picture suggests a conversation in their own language with a statue that to them is real.

Don’t loose this connection keep it with you always. Begin, let your children know that Jesus is always with us….
The story about the picture goes like this, my wife took Anna
outside to take some pictures of her in her new dress. 
After I gave the camera to Amy, Anna walked up to the statue and
began talking to Our Lady.  She would talk for a while with her
hands up, stop and wait for Our Lady's answer before talking
again.  After a few minutes, their conversation was over and Anna went back to playing.

Now she does not only talk to Our Lady, but stops and kisses Her goodbye before we leave in the morning.